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Event Understanding and mitigation effects of wastewater reuse in agriculture: from risks to policy to new opportunities, 23-27 October, Israel


Purpose and scope

Underline public health, environmental, and agronomic challenges associated with wastewater reuse and highlight solutions to overcome these challenges.

The symposium will bring together scientists, technology developers, stakeholders, and policy makers from academia, industry, and government, to identify risks associated with treated wastewater irrigation, share knowledge related to advantages and risks of wastewater reuse, and develop policy and explore novel technologies to minimize these risks. The workshop will highlight cutting-edge technologies, and will provide platforms for training students and for introducing young researchers to the wastewater reuse community.


  • Obtain a current and holistic understanding of the impacts of wastewater reuse on environmental and public health while maximizing agricultural productivity
  • Identify challenges and knowledge gaps that impede wastewater reuse
  • Bring together experts to initiate international wastewater reuse research and policy networks


  • Chemical- and microbial-associated risks of water reuse
  • Impact of treated wastewater irrigation on soil quality and agronomic productivity
  • Engineering solutions for enhancing water reuse
  • Risk assessment and policy

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Event type Conference
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Geographical coverage Israel,
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Target audience International
Period [23/10/2022 - 27/10/2022]
Status Confirmed
Working language(s) ENGLISH