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HTML Document Electronic Newsletter of the International Network of Basin Organizations - N° 51 - June 2014

Released 17/06/2014


La lettre lectronioque du RIOB

Electronic Newsletter of the International Network of Basin Organizations
N° 51 - June 2014


  "EUROPE-INBO 2014" : Our next big meeting this autumn.

EURO-RIOB 201312th International "EUROPE-INBO 2014" Conference
on the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive

From 12 to 15 November 2014, Bucharest (Rumania)

At the invitation of the Romanian Ministry of Environment and Climate Change –Department of Water, Forests and Fishing, of the National Administration "APELE ROMANE” and of the National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management.

EUROPE-INBO partners

In partnership with the “EUROPE-INBO” Group of European Basin Organizations for the implementation of the Water Framework Directive, CEENBO and MENBO.

Invitation to the “EUROPE-INBO 2014” Conference, and the summary draft program.
To register, please fill up the registration form online

More information on the activities of the INBO European networks in 2014, especially on the topics:
“WFD monitoring programs” and “River restoration and Natural Water Retention Measures“

European regional process of the 7th World Water Forum

Any information:

See the records of "Europe INBO" conferences from 2002 to 2013:

   Events in 2014

2nd Stakeholders Meeting for the 7th World Water Forum

Daegu - 2015

27-28 February 2014, Gyeongbuk (South Korea)

Organized by the partners of the 7th World Water Forum and World Water Council, the 2nd Stakeholders Meeting of the 7th World Water Forum took place on 27 and 28 February 2014 in Gyeongju, in South Korea. The World Water Forum is the world greatest event on water.

This multi-stakeholder event will gather world famous specialists, international organizations, Ministers, Mayors, Members of Parliament, NGOs, research institutes, public and private companies, organizations of the civil society.

Find online the photos of the meeting.
Find online the presentation of the 7th World Water Forum.
See also the World Forum website:
The thematic process:
The regional process:

Third International Forum on Integrated Water Management, tools for ACTION
"Promoting transboundary water management"

3ème édition du Rendez-vous international sur la gestion intégrée de l’eau, des outils pour AGIR

7-9 May 2014, Quebec (Canada)

International meeting, a program of solutions for integrated management of transboundary basins in a context of climate change.

See information and program:

See the photos and the paper of the event

Workshop “Counting our gains: Sharing experiences on identifying, assessing and communicating the benefits of transboundary water cooperation”


22-23 May 2014, Geneva (Switzerland)


See information

3rd Istanbul International Water Forum
"Water Safety and legal aspects: Risk Assessment and Challenges, Opportunities to seize"

Istanbul International Water Forum

27-29 May 2014, Istanbul (Turkey)

Find online the photos and papers

Any information:



9th meeting of the Working Group on Integrated Water Resources Management


25-26 June, Geneva (Switzerland)

See information and program

17th International Riversymposium

Camberra 2014

15-18 September 2014 - Canberra (Australia)

Find online the presentation and the program
See also:


2nd Meeting on Water in Mountains

Observatoire des Montagnes

8-10 October 2014, Megève (France)

Starting from the findings that mountains are the water towers of the planet, the mountain dwellers together with the large foothill populations, get mobilized to adopt strategies for adaptation to the global changes that are taking place, and to prevent the risks of drought and floods. Elected officials, water managers and scientists are invited to meet to exchange, discuss and promote joint water management on the scale of the upper river basins.

Any information:

See also the records of the Megéve international conferences on Water in Mountains: in 2010, 2006 and 2002

First International Forum on Environment for Basin Organizations


26-28 November 2014, Bangkok (Thaïland)

This first Forum will be organized in close cooperation with the International Network of Basin Organizations and the Royal Government of Thailand. It will be a platform for basin organizations - and for relevant stakeholders such as international financial institutions, secretariats of multilateral conventions on the environment and other United Nations agencies - so that they can work together to improve transboundary basin governance and management, in taking better account and integrating environmental aspects

Find the presentation online
See also:

"Let’s help the populations victims of the exceptional floods occurring in the Sava Basin"

The Sava River Basin was affected by floods, the worst and biggest ever recorded in history, in which several people were killed and many others were reported missing. Many towns and villages in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia are under water, while in areas hitherto spared they are struggling against further flooding.

Large populations have been evacuated and all available resources in the countries have been mobilized to provide aid in this difficult situation. Aid to the population in flooded regions in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia could be provided via the national branches of the Red Cross using the following links:

On INBO website, you will find the diary of events
To inform us of your next events on River Basin Management, please send a message to

   Back on our great events in 2013

2nd International high-level Congress on basin management


16-18 April 2013, Cappaelectronic-newsletter-of-the-international-network-of-basin-organizations-ndegia (Turkey)

Find online the papers and photos of the event


INBO World General Assembly 2013

RIOB 2013

12-16 August 2013, Fortaleza-Ceara (Brazil)

From 13 to 16 August 2013, 319 delegates coming from 49 Countries, representatives of governmental administrations in charge of water management, of Basin Organizations, already existing or being created, and from interested bilateral and multilateral institutions, research centers and associations, met in Fortaleza in Brazil, for the ninth World General Assembly of the International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO).

Find online the final program of the General Assembly, the papers and photo of the event as well as the Declaration of Fortaleza and final resolutions


3rd National Congress on River Basin Management
and Third National Meeting of Operational Directorates of Basin Councils

Morelia 2013

27-30 August 2013, Morelia Michoacan (Mexico)

Find online the papers and photos of the event

See also:


European River Restoration Conference (ERRC)

European River Restoration Conference (ERRC)

11-13 September 2013, Vienna (Austria)

Find online session 5: Enhancement of Multi-use Landscapes
and session 10: River Restoration : A Shared Challenge

as well as the papers and the photos of the event.


Eighth meeting of the Working Group on Integrated Water Resources Management

UNECE - Geneva (Switzerland) - 2013

25-26 September 2013, Geneva - UNECE

Find online the program of the workshop:
Basin Commissions and other joint bodies relating to cooperation on transboundary waters:
Legal and Institutional Aspects


World Water Summit

Budapest 2013

9-11 October 2013, Budapest (Hungary)

Find online the papers and photos and the Declaration


Closing ceremony of the International Year of Water Cooperation

World Water Day 2013

5-6 December 2013, Mexico

Find online information, the papers and photos


Cooperating beyond borders - Successfull examples of transboundary water management

Seminar proceedings

Council of Europe, Strasbourg, December 11th, 2013

The seminar proceedings and the event information


On INBO website you will find all the papers and photos of the above events and more.

   The Blue Passport

Le passeport Bleau

The Blue Passport is an initiative of the International Secretariat for Water (ISW), conducted in partnership with the International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO) and local institutions involved and interested in the dissemination of this tool for raising awareness of water users and citizens of river basins.

Application sheet for a blue passport:

See also:

   OECD "Water Governance" Initiative

OECDOECD Survey on Stakeholder Engagement
for Effective Water Governance

Developed by the Working Group n° 1 "Stakeholder Engagement" of OECD Water Governance Initiative; the Survey targets approximately 200 major stakeholders from OECD and non-OECD countries including governments (central, regional, local), service providers (public, private and mixed), inter-governmental organizations, financial actors, river basin organizations, businesses, agricultural actors, civil society, trade unions, academia, consumer associations, regulators, and advisors.

Any information:

See also "The OECD Initiative on Water Governance":

UNESCO-ISARM and INBO are facilitating Working Group 3 on Basin Management



Establishment of a platform of pilot river basins for adapting to the effects of climate change

The purpose of the program and network is to promote cooperation on the adaptation in transboundary basins to compare various methodologies and approaches for adapting to climate change and enabling a vision shared by the participating basins.

Any information:

See also:

Preparation of a new guide "Collection of good practices and lessons learned on adaptation to climate change in transboundary and national basins of rivers, lakes and aquifers"

  Sign the "World Pact for Better Basin Management"!

Le pacte

Already 128 signatures by basin organizations worldwide

Whether you are a basin organization, an administration, a scientific and technical organization, a local authority, an NGO or a professional organization of water users, if you approve the "World Pact" principles, you can sign it online

Consult and sign the "Pact for better basin management"

Ceremonies for the signing of the pact

  Contribute to the new "INBO Newsletter": We are waiting for your articles!

Network newsletter n°22
The 23rd issue of the “INBO Newsletter” 2014/2015 will focus on the proposals and practical experience of the members of our Network and their partners, as on the large priority topics which will be discussed at the World Water Forum in Daegu-Gyeongju in 2015.

INBO Newsletter n°22 - 2014:

The former INBO Newsletters:

Preparation of the next newsletter 2014-2015:


   See our publications

Nos publications

Handbook on Water Resources Management in Basins

Handbook on integrated management of transboundary basins

Guide to transboundary aquifer management (in French)

Free Flow : Reaching Water Security through cooperation

Report on experiences of transboundary basin organizations in Africa
- Good practices and recommendations

All the publications:

  Preparation of two new "Handbooks"

Please participate in the drafting of our next two "Handbooks on Basin Management" - Collection of good practices

On the topics:

1. on the one hand, measures for adapting to the effects of climate change in river basins, and,

2. on the other, protection, restoration and management of aquatic ecosystems and the services they provide in the basins of rivers and lakes.

These publications, like the previous handbooks of 2009 and 2012, will be based on the practical experience and know-how gained in the field in the basins worldwide.

Any information


  Our other partner projects

Natural Water Retention Measures - NWRM


"Science-Policy Interfacing in support of the Water Framework Directive implementation"


The implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and its daughter directives, as well as the Floods Directive, is not a “Business-as-usual approach” and constitutes an exceptional challenge to water managers and governments across Europe. Assessments of the current status of implementation have shown that less than 40% of water bodies will achieve Good Ecological Status in 2015


WATERPIPP - Water Public Innovative Procurement Policies


Water RtoM - Water Research to Market
Water RtoM aims to accelerate the transfer of research results (from 3 to 5 years) to the end-users, by adding a stage between Research products and existing mechanisms of technology transfer.


European Water Community
Connecting science with policy and innovation to improve water management in Europe

European Water Community

Novel Integrated Water Management Systems for Southern European Regions


Development of Key Performance Indicators for Transboundary River Basin Management in Africa


African Water Information System


The Euro-Mediterranean Water Information System


Launching of new research activities at national and regional level on the topic of integrated water resources management in relation with the European Water Framework Directive


Promoting twinning agreements between river basins to strengthen practices of integrated water resources management


  Other websites on basin management

EU Water Initiative


WISE : Water Information System for Europe


European Environment Agency - "Water" topic


UNESCO’s "Water" portal



UNECE - The Water Convention

UNECE - Water

World Water Day - 2014: Water & energy

World Water Day

The GEF : Global Environment Facility
International waters :
Climate change :
Transboundary waters :


OECD Water Initiative


Global Water Partnership (GWP)


7th World Water Forum in Daegu-Gyeongbuk in 2015

7ème Forum Mondial de l'Eau

6th World Water Forum in Marseilles in 2012

6ème Forum Mondial de l'Eau

World Water Council

World Water Council

FFEM : French Fund for Global Environment -
Protection of international waters


Gest'Eau : the website of tools for integrated water management in France


International River Foundation


European Center for River Restoration (ECCR)


Great Rivers Partnership


River Symposium

River Symposium

International Secretariat for Water


  The Network life

News from our Regional Networks of Basin Organizations


African Network of Basin Organizations


Network of Basin Organizations for Central and Eastern Europe


Eastern European Caucasus Central Asia Network of Basin Organizations


European Basin Organizations Group for Implementing Water Framework Directive


Latin-American Network of Basin Organizations


Mediterranean Network of Basin Organizations


North American Network of Basin Organizations


Network of Asian River Basin Organizations


Brazilian Network of Basin Organizations

News from our Thematicals Networks of Basin Organizations

Climate change

Pilot network of basin organizations to test adaptation to climate change in the basins

UNECE - Water


Network of International Commissions and Transboundary Basin Organizations

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