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News A transboundary forecasting system for the Mur River

A state-of-the-art transboundary real-time flood forecasting system for the Mur River has now successfully been implemented. Since February 2006 the forecasting system has been tested and is now in real time operation. The forecasting system is implemented within MIKE FLOOD WATCH (Decision support system for real-time flow forecasting) framework and runs automatically from a central location in Graz, Austria where it issues new forecasts of the river status each hour for the next 2 days. The challenge of the project has been to establish one common flood forecasting system working for all countries of the Mur watershed (Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia), where exchange of real-time information, modelling (based on MIKE11) and dissemination can be performed rapidly and accurately through a robust system. The Mur Forecasting System has been supported from the EU INTERREG IIIB Cadses program. For further information, contact Gregers Jørgensen or visit DHI group. See here a detailed account of the Mur forecasting system.

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News date 20/06/2006
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