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News Call for abstracts for the 1st Thematic Workshop of the EU Coordination Action RISKBASE: Monitoring and assessment of river pollutants

This 1st thematic workshop within the frame of the RISKBASE Coordination Action (CA) will be held in Lisbon (Portugal) in 17-18 May 2007, and it is aimed to achieve an overview of the river basin characteristics, main monitoring activities, information transferred from researchers to river basin managers, and the opinion of the different stakeholders of the river basins (scientifics, managers, adminitration (agriculture, environment), unions, greens,...) focusing mainly on Portuguese river basins, but it will also include other European river basin cases. Deadline for Abstracts: April 10th, 2007.
Specific topics:
   Ongoing EU funded projects related to integrated risk assessment-based management of the water/sediment/soil system at the river-basin scale.
   Advanced monitoring methodologies and strategies as applied to chemical and ecological quality of river water in compliance with the WFD.
   Case study on Portuguese and other European river basins.
   Harmonization of risk assessment protocols and bioavailability of pollutants in the    river basin management plans.

RISKBASE (Contract No. 036938 GOCE) addresses topic II.2.1 “Integrated risk based management of the water-sediment-soil system at river-basin scale”. This is a topic under the thematic sub-priority area “Global Change and Ecosystems” in the 4th FP6 call for proposals, call identifier: FP6-2005-Global-4.

Contact information Dr. M. Silvia Díaz-Cruz, Department of Environmental Chemistry, IIQAB-CSIC, c/ Jordi Girona 18-26. 08034 Barcelona, Spain. (email:
Phone: Fax: + 34 93 204 59 04
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Keyword(s) river pollutants, risk based management plans, EU-INCO-MED, FP6, RISKBASE, EU-WFD, European river basin
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Geographical coverage Portugal
News date 30/01/2007
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