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News Cyprus: Campaign to fine water wasters

DAM CAPACITY across the island is only 26 per cent, with the Cypriot Agriculture Minister yesterday warning that wasting water will no longer be tolerated. On the occasion of World Water Day, a senior technician at the Water Development Department yesterday told the Mail that the dams are currently holding 72 million cubic metres of water, compared with 135 million cubic metres (49.5%) at this time last year. Phedros Roussis blamed the rainfall shortage for the problem, adding that inflow is currently 150,000 cubic metres, with the total inflow so far this year standing at 28.9 million cubic metres.

The Ministry of Agriculture announced last 22nd March a campaign where people found to be wasting water will be fined, is due to begin in the following few days. Minister Photis Photiou explained that the as yet unspecified fines will be issued by municipalities, police and Ministry officials.

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News date 11/04/2007
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