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News Second announcement Final Harmoni-CA Conference; invitation for proposals and pre-registration

At this conference, water managers and their supporting technical staff will be informed about documents, guidelines and tools originating from European research, and how these are available for direct use in their actual situation. Senior water managers will present experiences and applications and will be supported by practical implementers such as consultants. Researchers and technology providers will be active and available for direct consultation and explanation as well as to listen to questions and demands to be resolved in the near future.

In the program slots of workshops have been left open for external parties that are interested to show their work at the conference. Issues should fit in the context of the conference and within the scope of one of the six parallel sessions on day 2 and 3. The presentation or demonstration should be of interest to the target audience mentioned for that day.

The call for proposals is open till June 5, 2007. Please write a short abstract of about 15 lines on your proposed workshop in an email to the Conference contact.

Harmoni-CA is a research project supported by the European Commission under the Fifth Framework Programme and contributing to the implementation of the Key Action "Sustainable Management and Quality of Water" within the Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development. Contract no: EVK1-2001-00192

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