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News WWC News Update, issue No.29 is now available

In this issue:


-          Editorial: Asia-Pacific: A Political Forum for Water - by Loïc Fauchon, President

-          Focus on: An Unfortunate Anniversary

-          WWC News

ü       A First Step towards China

ü       “I am Water”

ü       Adaptation to Climate Change – Which Strategy for Water Stakeholders?

ü       The African Country Profile Online

ü       Visit on Spanish Soil

ü       Water in the heart of the Mediterranean Union


- Towards the 5th Forum

ü       What’s up on the Forum Side?

ü       First Announcement Now Available to Download

ü       3d ISC and Committee Meetings

ü       Mexico in Marseille to Prepare Istanbul


- In Brief

ü       Real Life behind Statistics


-          News from Members and Partners

ü       Jon Lane Appointed New Executive Director of WSSCC

ü       Gathering Young Water Professionals

ü       Concurso de Videos


-          Brown News

ü       Official Launching of the IYS 2008

ü       Poo Productions – Making a Difference through Media

ü       WTA Inaugural General Assembly


-          Capacity Building, Agenda, Publications, News

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News date 29/10/2007
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