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News Syrian Agricultural Database 2007 (SADB 2007): Pioneering Resources for Global Agricultural Statistics

The National Agricultural Policy Centre, with the support of the FAO Project GCP/SYR/006/ITA, is proud to announce the publication of the Syrian Agricultural Database 2007 in CD-ROM and Online formats, and in both Arabic and English.


SADB 2007 is the most recent edition the SADB series which was first published in 2003. Published following the format of the FAO Statistical Database (FAOSTAT), SADB 2007 provides detailed and up-to-date data on an extensive range of statistical data related to agriculture. As such the SADB 2007 is a rare resource amongst countries with transition economies that contributes to the global improvement of agricultural statistics.


Significantly all this data is accessible via a user-friendly and fully integrated computer interface, providing its users with instantaneous access to all data available.


Data Topics include:

v   Agricultural Production: specific and disaggregated data on all types of agricultural products.

v   National Economic Data: includes data on taxation, customs, and ministry investments.

v   Agricultural Inputs: detailed information on fertilizer & pesticide use, vet. medicine, and agricultural machinery.

v   Land and Water: statistics on rainfall, regional land use, crop areas, irrigation areas and types.

v   Agricultural Trade: vast range of exported and imported products and their origin and destination,

v   Cost and Prices: data includes individual annual/monthly retail and whole prices, major inputs and crop budget.

v   Census: provides information on most recent agricultural census. 



v   All available 2006 data from official sources.

vAn expanded number of data sets disaggregated to 'Mantika' (a sub-division of the governorate level) level.



v   Online Publication of the Syrian Agricultural Database 2007 (SADB 2007):

v   National Agricultural Policy Centre (NAPC):

v   FAO Project GCP/SYR/006/ITA:

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Source of information National Agricultural Policy Centre (NAPC)
Geographical coverage Syria
News date 25/03/2008
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