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News SRO5 - First Call for Extended Abstracts: The 5th Conference on Scientific Research Outlook & Technology Development in the Arab World (SRO5): “Path to Innovation: Transforming Research into Value"

In anticipation of the up-coming major event in the Arab World encompassing the Arab Science & Technology community worldwide, the ASTF will hold its 5th Conference on 'Scientific Research Outlook & Technology' (SRO 5) during 27-31 October, 2008 – Fez - Morocco

ASTF is attracting an ever-increasing number of participants to the 5th SRO Conference: the expected 1500 participants will attend workshops in the different specialized areas of  science previously identified as fields of priority for the Arab World. Discussions will focus both on core scientific topics in ICT, Energy & Water, Biotechnologies, and New Materials, as well as technicalities that can harness progress in those areas.

Extended Abstract Submission: May 30, 2008.

The conference aims at:
- Enhancing the role of scientific research and technology development in addressing the knowledge gap in the Arab world, one of the main hurdles facing creativity and sustainable development in the Arab world.
- Reviewing and developing elements of success of Arab performance in science and technology, while linking this performance to various sectors that contribute to the sustained development of the Arab countries.
- Introducing new trends of co-operation, pan-Arab and Arab-international, in scientific research and technology development, technology ownership and investing in technology throughout the Arab world. Also, presenting samples of success stories that led to socio-economic progress.
- Assessing the priorities of research and development in the Arab world, and identifying projects with potential to benefit from the characteristics (features) particular to each country in the Arab world.

Scopes of the Conference
First Scope: Path to Innovation: Transforming Research into Value
Second Scope: Arab Science Community and the Economics of Scientific Research

  1. Arab Science Community
  2. The Economics of Scientific Research
Third Scope: Priorities of Scientific Research in the Arab World, and Specialized Domains in Science:
Per the suggestions of past attendees of SRO conferences, the organizers decided this year that the third scope will be a sort of a major technical gathering targeting fields that are of priority for the scientific research in the Arab world. This technical gathering will be structured in mini conferences chaired by distinguished scientists from the Arab world and abroad: The topics for the mini-conferences target the following fields and areas:

Scientific Areas of Priority:
• Renewable Energy and Water
• Information and Communication Technology
• Biotechnology
• New Materials and Nanotechnology

Specialized Scientific Fields:
• Medicine and Pharmacology
• Automation, Robotics, Mechatronics and Control
• Agriculture/Marine Sciences
• Power Electronics, Drives and Machines, Power Generation
• Applied Mathematics and Physics
• E-Learning and Education

Special Conference:
• 1st Arab Conference for Science Journalists (ACSJ1)
• Arab Science Journalism Award
• Media Training for Communications Officers in Research Organizations

First call for papers: EN - AR
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Contact information SRO 5 Team- Arab Science & Technology Foundation (ASTF), P.O Box: 27272 - University Complex, Sharjah - United Arab Emirates (email:
Phone: +97165050551 ; Fax: +97165050553
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