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News INSPIRE Draft Implementing Rule for Monitoring and Reporting published

The INSPIRE Draft Implementing Rules for Monitoring and Reporting is now available for public view and for comments from SDICs and LMOs.

In addition and for information ONLY, the following supporting documents are also made available:

  • A justification document, intended to explain and justify the choices made for the general approach for monitoring and reporting the implementation of INSPIRE and the use of the infrastructure.
  • Guidelines, intended to give more explanation on how Member States should implement the monitoring and reporting of the INSPIRE Directive. Please note that this document is a draft, and some sections still need to be completed. Nevertheless, it should provide clarifications on at least some of the provisions included in the proposed Implementing Measures.
Reports Published

The reports on the two recent questionnaires have been published today b y the INSPIRE DT Data Specifications.

User Requirements Survey

The User Requirements Survey still open. The aim of this survey is to collect in a structured manner information r elated to user requirements that are relevant for the development of the specifications for the date themes that are part of Annex I, Annex II and Ann ex III of the INSPIRE Directive.

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