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News sba review 53 focuses on desertification

sba review is now born! Its design has been reshaped whereas its content has been enriched with a new section that describes a prominent project that we are undertaking: sba focus. In this issue, our thematic dossier deals with the desertification phenomenon while we focus, in our new section, on the MESO analysis of the Moroccan tourism sector. To open the document, kindly click on the link review/SBA review 53.pdf

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Like any phenomenon which modifi es ecosystems, desertifi cation has multiple ecological and social consequences. Generally resulting of both climate change and human activities, land degradation aff ects mainly agricultural productivity and represents a worldwide threat for food security. That’s why many governments and organisations have been struggling for decades to restrain this growing phenomenon that is directly linked to sustainable development. In this monthly dossier, we fi rst state a global situation scheme, describing the mechanisms and eff ects of the desertifi cation, and then we explain the process of the main international convention on this particular subject. Finally, we will introduce an amazing land restoration success story and give diff erent solutions to act against soil degradation.

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File link review/SBA review 53.pdf
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Keyword(s) desertification, soil degradation
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News date 01/10/2008
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