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News UNICEF handbook on water quality

Keast, G. and Johnston, R. (2008). UNICEF handbook on water quality. New
York, NY, USA, UNICEF. xii, 179 p. : 52 boxes, 4 fig., 28 tab. Includes
references and index

This handbook provides an introduction to all aspects of water quality,
with a particular focus on the areas most relevant to professional staff
members working in developing countries. The handbook focuses on real-world
problems faced by poor people, and on community- and household-based,
low-cost solutions. It provides extensive pointers to key texts and
resource materials for reference when users require more detailed
information. The handbook includes chapters on: Effects of poor water
quality, covering microbiological contamination and the main chemical
contaminants that pose a threat to human health; Water quality monitoring
and surveillance; Contamination sources and pathways and techniques for
water system protection; Principal technologies for water treatment, both
for microbiological contamination and the main chemical contaminants. The
handbook concludes with a discussion on advocacy for increased national
resource allocation for water quality, communication with communities on
the importance of water quality, and capacity building at national and
community levels. The handbook is designed as a resource for field staff
members from UNICEF and its partners involved in the water, environment and
sanitation (WES) sector.

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