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News Finance contracts signed by FEMIP in the Mediterranean

A country-by-country breakdown of finance contracts signed in the Mediterranean Partner Countries has been updated and made available by the European Investment Bank’s dedicated Facility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership (FEMIP).
In total, 353,000,000 EUR were made available in the current year and 6,959,707,957 in the past five years.

Finance contracts signed in the Mediterranean countries

Breakdown by country
CountriesCurrent year
(in EUR)
Past 5 years
(in EUR)
Algeria 0 255,498,958
Egypt 250,000,000 2,067,312,240
Gaza / West bank 0 55,000,000
Israel 0 395,000,000
Jordan 0 215,896,759
Lebanon 0 575,000,000
MED Countries 3,000,000 68,050,000
Morocco 40,000,000 1,221,000,000
Regional - North Africa 0 10,000,000
Syria 0 715,000,000
Tunisia 60,000,000 1,381,950,000
Total Amount 353,000,000 6,959,707,957
Last update : 24/11/2008

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News date 25/11/2008
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