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News Approval of the website design of the Hydria Project

The HYDRIA project: "Collection, storage & distribution of water in antiquity-Linking ancient wisdom to modern needs" was approved by the UNESCO Participation Programme 2008-09.

The HYDRIA project is about the development of a website to promote selected case studies of Water Related Cultural Heritage, with the participation of six Mediterranean countries, namely, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Egypt, Jordan and Morocco.

The basic goals of the project is to raise awareness of the wider public & educate youth on water-related Mediterranean cultural heritage and to highlight the possible adaptation of water management systems used in the past to modern needs and realities, giving emphasis to environmental friendly applications; through the development of appropriate educational web -based applications.

Contact information ΜΕdIES Secretariat / MIO-ECSDE, Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development Kyrristou 12, 105 56 – Athens (email: ;
Phone: +30 210 3247490, 3247267 Fax. +30 210 3317127
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Source of information ΜΕdIES Secretariat / MIO-ECSDE
Geographical coverage Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco
News date 07/01/2009
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