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News Call from ACME - Morocco

Following the conference - debate on ` ' the Question of water in Morocco'' and an organisational meeting organized in Rabat on March 7, 2009, Acme-Morocco, on the basis of its principles and of its line of action:

- Again Invites to consider the Right to water as an human right and to organize its distribution as a basic social service who cannot be left with the law of supply and demand.

- Ask with insistence the Moroccan government to refuse the decisions of the World forum of water - Which are especially dictated by the great world private groups of water - and to behave about the right to water like already did by countries such as South Africa, Uruguay, Bolivia, Venezuela or Cuba

- Invites the system of the United Nations to promote in the future the organization of the World forum of water, like a first stage the recognition of the access to water like a right and in order to register that right in the Universal declaration of the human rights

- Request the promotion, within the production and the distribution of water activities, of a public-public partnership between southern and northern, and between countries of the south themselves.

- Request the institution of credible mechanisms to include the civil society in the follow-up and the control of the activities of the public agencies in charge of the production and the distribution of water and to act on this subject according to the principles of the participative democracy.

Contact information ACME-Maroc, 18, Rue Mecca, Hassane, App. 3, Rabat, Maroc
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Source of information ACME-EAU
Geographical coverage Morocco
News date 26/03/2009
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