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News SMAP launches e-learning course on indicators: from water quality to progress towards achieving the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development

Indicators are used to measure many things, from water quality to progress towards achieving the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development. They can also provide an early warning to prevent economic, social and environmental damage. Quantification, with reference to a norm or a goal, makes it easier to inform managers, policy-makers and the public.

Although widely used in the region, many people still struggle to select indicators that are appropriate to their needs and then to use them effectively.

The Indicators elearning course from SMAP III TA is designed for anyone interested in discovering what indicators are and how to use them, and as a refresher for those with some experience with indicators but who may be experiencing difficulties.

Register now on the SMAP e-learning site to find out:
- What indicators are and their role in information and communication
- The use of indicators in project/policy planning
- How to select appropriate indicators
- How to measure them and display the resulting information

Our other courses on Environmental Economics and Project Design & LFA are still available online and new "take-away" courses (pdf format) have been uploaded to the SMAP Learning Centre in the section "SD & Policy Resources". The "take-away Indicators" will be available soon, as will the Arabic version of the course.

So far, 675 people have registered for our elearning courses, thanks also to our partners CEDARE and MIO-ECSDE who have been doing a great job bringing the courses to an even wider public. We are confident that the Indicators course will provide a new challenge to our current students and attract many new ones to the service.

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