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News The 17th Nile Council of Ministers in charge of water reaffirmed Basin-wide cooperation

The 17th annual meeting of the Nile Council of Ministers in charge of water affairs was held from 27 to 28 July 2009 in Alexandria, Egypt, upon the invitation of the Government of Egypt.

Ministers from Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda as well as Eritrea attended the meeting and held discussions on key strategic issues regarding the future of the Nile Basin Initiative, including the River Nile Cooperative Framework Agreement.

Ministers reaffirmed the determination of their respective Governments to strengthen basin-wide cooperation in the area of water resources management of the River Nile and beyond.  They highlighted the critical importance of the Nile Basin Initiative’s Shared Vision to sustain this cooperation by achieving an inclusive agreement, underscoring the reality of the climate change phenomenon that brings countries ever closer to each other irrespective of geographical remoteness.

Reiterating the desire of the member states to move forward in the spirit of cooperation on the basis of ‘one Nile, one Basin and one Vision’, the ministers have decided to allow an additional period of six months to enable member states to move forward in concluding an inclusive treaty.  They also expressed the wish for continued cooperation with the Development Partners.

In this regard, the ministers have mandated members of the Technical Advisory Committee and Negotiating Committee to consult with international experts and advise them on procedures for signing the Cooperative Framework Agreement. An Extraordinary Meeting of the Nile Council of Ministers will be convened to receive the report.

Convinced that these efforts towards advancing cooperation among their countries will also contribute to regional and global stability, peace and prosperity, and encouraged by the mutually unswerving commitment to pursue this path as displayed in the meeting, the Nile Basin countries expressed hope that their next meeting will mark the last step of signing of the Cooperative Framework Agreement.   

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