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News Last Call for abstract to the Fifth International Conference on the Geology of the Tethys Realm (2-7 January 2010, South Valley University, Quena - Luxor, Egypt)

Under the Auspices of Prof. Hany Helal H.E. Minister of Higher Education and State for Scientific Research, Prof. Abbas Mohamed Mohamed Mansour, President of South Valley University, The Tethys Geological Society is planning to host the Fifth Conference on the  Geology of the Tethys  at South Valley University (Qena-Luxor). The suggested themes of this meeting include:

1- Precambrian and Phanerozoic Geology. 

2- Quaternary geology and Geo-Archeology.

3- Basin analysis with emphasis on their petroleum, gas, minerals and water resources.

4- Geophysical exploration.

5- Environmental geology.

Abstracts: Abstracts should be submitted before 1st of December 2009, up to 300 words written in two languages, English is one of them. The original of the manuscripts together with the originals of figures, plates, graphs and charts, can be submitted before or during the Conference meetings.

Workshops: 1- Cement material and development of cement industry. 2- Building and ornamental stones, with emphasis on their use in archeological sites. 3- Aluminum materials and development of aluminum industry.

Exhibition: Scientific organizations and companies are welcomed to display their activities that pertain to the symposium goals. Booth area (2x2.5 m) is available during the symposium days. Duplicates of the booth area are available on request.

Registration Fees (400 US$) include: 1- Opening reception. 2- Accommodation (3-4 star hotels). 3- Lunch, coffee and tea during conference.  4- Closing dinner.  9- Publications.

Registration Fees payable to The Tethys Geological Society, National Bank of Egypt, Cairo University Branch,  Giza, Egypt, Code Swift: NBEGEG  c x 164 or in cash during the meeting.


Contact information Prof. El-Sayed Abd El-Aziz Aly Youssef, Geology Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt (email: ;
Phone: Fax: 002 02 35728843 Tel.: 002 02 35676887– 002 012 2926034
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News date 06/10/2009
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