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News Paving the Way for a European Strategy for Danube Region

Based on the positive results of the EU Strategy in the Baltic Sea Region, the EU is planning its second "macro-regional" strategy, dedicated this time to the Danube Region. On 21 January this year the European Parliament adopted a resolution on such a strategy, expressing, among others, its concerns about the ecological status of the region and the need to employ new technologies for enhancing forecasting and response capabilities in cases of natural disasters and accidental pollution. A few days later, on 2 February, the Commission launched a consultation process with interesting stakeholders, with a view to formally adopt the proposed strategy in December 2010.

In line with the conclusions of the European Council of 18 and 19 June 2009, and building on the positive experience of the first "macro-regional" strategy of the EU in the Baltic Sea Region, the Commission plans for an European Strategy for the Danube Region. This strategy will aim to develop the huge economic potential of the river, improve environmental conditions and reinforce integration in the region, which encompasses 14 countries. As regards time planning, it is foreseen that during the first half of 2010 the Commission will consult the relevant stakeholders and propose afterwards an Action Plan and a governance system for the EU Strategy for the Danube Region to be formally adopted in December 2010.

On 21 January 2010 the European Parliament adopted a resolution on a European Strategy for the Danube Region. Among others, the resolution contains the following requirements:

  • The Commission should carry out a broad consultation with all countries along the Danube and present the strategy no later than end of 2010;
  • To incorporate any macro-regional strategy in the EU's regional policy, as a coordinated policy for the whole territory of the EU;
  • To improve the ecological status of Danube, which is currently a polluted river, and accordingly to reduce pollution and prevent further releases of oil and other toxic and harmful substances;
  • To protect the environment in the Danube basin which will have a bearing on the agricultural and rural development of the region; the riparian states should give top priority to the establishment of shared hydrological and water quality testing facilities;
  • To pay special attention to local ecosystems; the Commission should support research and development, focusing on new technologies capable to enhance forecasting and response activities in connection with flooding, extreme drought and accidental pollution.

On 2 February 2010 Pawel Samecki, the European Commissioner for Regional Policy, officially launched a series of consultations events aimed at shaping the Commission's plans for a European Strategy for the Danube Region.

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