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News A technology solution for Meditteranean water pollution from Nualgi

ICS company acts as a broker for nano technology products. Nualgi is the name of the product and ICS is the company name that distributes it. They discover products from around the world. They also direct market them to stakeholders in organisations and industries that they believe would benefit from their use.

Here is an outline "brochure" of Nualgi and a report from American Scientist as there is a small paragraph in it that shows how an experiment (encouraging diatom growth) that seemed to be effective worked in the Eastern Mediterranean.  

Nualgi is a highly sophisticated technology that delivers the elements that are required to stimulate the growth of the Diatoms from which fish eating Plankton are created. In the process not only does this remove the agents for unwanted blue algae and other cellulose based organisms (such a s Jellyfish), it also quickly reduces the presence of Phosphates, Nitrates whilst consuming CO2 from the atmosphere and oxidising the waterways. They hasten to add it does not just "dump" Silica into waterways.

Contact information Nick Leslie-Miller ICS Ltd 146 Buckingham Pallace Road London SW1W 9TR (email:
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News date 16/07/2013
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