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03/06/2015 News EURO-AGRIWAT: Assessment of EUROpean AGRIculture WATer use and trade under climate change Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, jauad
03/06/2015 News Desalination in the Mediterranean region: Cumulative environmental impacts revealed by a recent assessment Spain, Algeria, Israel jauad
03/06/2015 News Jordan, Palestine and Tunisia: Assessment highlights the need for more pro-active risk-based management measures to cope with droughts and floods Jordan, Palestine, Tunisia jauad
03/06/2015 News French constitutional council bans water cut-offs France jauad
03/06/2015 News Bahrain energy bid includes desalt Bahrain jauad
03/06/2015 News MEDRC to Lead Major International HABs Research Project-Goal of Developing a Regional HABs Early Warning System Oman,United Arab Emirates, jauad
03/06/2015 News The UNECE Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes - jauad
03/06/2015 News OECD Water reports: Water Governance, Water and Cities, Fit to Finance and more - jauad
03/06/2015 News UfM project: Improving quality of life through integrated water management Egypt jauad
03/06/2015 News The Omniprocessor: linking sanitation and energy in developing countries - jauad
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