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News EO FOR WATER CYCLE SCIENCE 2020 Conference : Call for Abstracts and Discussion Session Proposals

In the coming decades increasing population will drastically rise the demand for freshwater. Today, more than 600 million people lack access to safe drinking water and estimates show that with current practices, the world will face a 40% shortfall between forecast demand and available supply of water by 2030. Needs to increase agricultural production will significantly impact water withdrawals and will increase stress on people living in regions already suffering from water scarcity. The shortfall will be further exacerbated by the expected environmental changes associated to global warming and hydro-climatic extremes impacting people and ecosystems especially in most vulnerable regions. Recent advances in Earth observation (EO) by satellites have improved global observations of several key variables of the global water cycle.  In this context, EO FOR WATER CYCLE SCIENCE 2020 Conference is co-organized by ESA, GEWEX, EC (DG-RTD), UNESCO, CNES, CNRS/IPSL and the University of Versailles-Saint-Quentinenc. This Conference aims at reviewing the latest advances in the use of EO technology for scientific questions related to the water cycle and its applications, exploring the potential offered by the coming EO as well as the main challenges and opportunities for the coming decade.

The Conference is open to EO scientists, water researchers and students, modellers, Earth system and climate scientists, industry, operational agencies, policy makers, representatives of local communities and other stakeholders interested in sharing their knowledge and experience and in contributing to drive the scientific agenda for advancing EO water research and applications.

The EO FOR WATER CYCLE SCIENCE 2020 will be moved completely on-line.
The dates remain unchanged 16-18 November 2020.

This new event concept will not only include different science sessions including key note speakers and round-table discussions, but also a virtual exhibition area for electronic posters and a number of selected bottom-up community proposed sessions focused on major science challenges in water research. Discussion sessions should aim at defining major scientific activities, initiatives and experiments that will require an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach to science involving advances in Earth Observation satellite data, in-situ observations, modelling, interdisciplinary research and the use of novel technologies in a coordinated manner.

The relevant guidelines for abstracts and discussion proposal are available @
This virtual event will also feature invited Keynote talks and Panel discussions The event platform will include dedicated spaces for e-Posters and networking activities.

All information and updated guidelines for the on-line event will be soon on line @

You are invited to submit ABSTRACTS for oral and poster presentations for the scientific sessions, and/or to provide PROPOSALS for science challenges discussion sessions.

Below you will find the links to submit your contributions:
Submit your abstract
Submit your Proposal

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