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News Global Earth Observation Common Infrastructure for Water - virtual workshop

The Group on ​Earth ​Observations (​GEO) [an ​intergovernmental​ ​organisation ​with its ​Secretariat in ​Geneva] ​has been ​holding a ​series of free ​virtual ​seminars on ​topics related ​to the thematic ​areas where ​open Earth ​observation ​data is ​available via ​ The next ​seminar is on ​29th March and ​related to ​water: ​http://www.​earthobservations​.​org/documents/​meetings/​20170329_gci_​water/20170329_​gci_water_​agenda.​pdf

The seminars ​are managed by ​the GEO ​Secretariat, ​the National ​Research ​Council for ​Italy and the ​European Space ​Agency. The ​presenters are ​the leads from ​implementation ​activities ​linked to the ​GEO Work ​Programme: ​Copernicus DIAS ​(Data and ​Information ​Access Service),​ GDIS (Global ​Drought ​Information ​System), ​GEOGLOWS (GEO ​Global Water ​Sustainability),​ Aquawatch (GEO ​Water Quality ​Community of ​Practice) and ​GEOCRI (GEO ​Cold Regions ​Initiative).

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