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The water issues differ in nature and acuity from one sub-region to another in the OSS zone of action. The countries of North Africa are mainly faced with challenges related to water scarcity management. With generally high to very high exploitation indices, accentuated by rapid population growth, these countries should enhance to strengthen their implementation of water demand management policies and mobilization of unconventional resources (treated wastewater reuse and desalination of sea and brackish waters).

For the IGAD region, despite that several factors contribute to the creation of pressures on water resources, population growth remains the main driver for all demands, including demand for water. Population increase is more rapid than the development tendency of water resources to respond to the various socio-economic needs of the sub-region. To this is added the inadequate and uneven funding allocated to the water sector and sanitation,
Regarding the West Africa and Chad, the water issue is not related to the scarcity of natural resources, but to the resources generated from their socio-economic development that provide them with means to exploit their natural resources. A common management of exploitable resources and demands is also important in order to reduce expenses related to ensuring access to drinking water and sanitation to the continuously growing populations. These expenses are generally provided by users, taxpayers and external stakeholders.

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