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News Water Planet awarded Winner of Water Technology Idol at Global Water Awards

Water Planet and the IntelliFlux automated self-adaptive control technology selected as “technology could change the future of the water market.”

IntelliFlux is fully automated, self-adaptive filtration process control software developed to optimize the performance of filtration systems in the most challenging applications. The “brains” in membrane systems, IntelliFlux learns how the filter responds to the influent water quality to determine custom-optimized flux maintenance actions (i.e., backwash, CIP, regeneration, etc.). As influent quality and/or membranes change over time, IntelliFlux automatically adapts and adjusts flux maintenance protocols in real-time to ensure stable system performance with maximum water recovery, process uptime and filter media useful life.

Water Planet’s membrane filtration systems – powered by IntelliFlux™ – offer efficient hydraulic designs, robust membrane materials and integrated pre-treatment needed to deliver better performance, less energy demand and lower operating costs than our competition. Read more about our IntelliFlux powered systems on our webpage.

Water Planet extends a special thank you to be included in a field of great new technologies and is honored to be awarded the winner of the award.

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News date 28/04/2016
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