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Release date 04/01/2012
Contributor jauad

Have you seen the Living Labs video series that highlight practical solutions through action research to grow more food with less water. Have a look at the complete series on TheWaterChannel that tackle issues such as water scarcity, floods, siltation, land pressure and upstream / downstream tensions in eight different river basin systems (Andean, Indo-Gangetic, Limpopo, Mekong, Nile, Sao Francisco, Volta, Yellow River).
Learn for example how local stakeholders around Lake Fuquene in Colombia acquire new knowledge and become empowered to cooperatively address the problems of lake regression and pollution; as well as upstream problems of land degradation, water scarcity and loss of topsoil.[]
The videos are Produced by Television for Education - Asia Pacific (TVEAP) and commissioned under the CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food (CPWF) and are now all also available on
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