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At the Rome Euromed Water Directors Conference (November 2005) the key role of information systems on water, aquatic environments and their use was highlighted for better governance and integrated water resources management. EMWIS was mandated to “study, with interested countries, the objectives and the feasibility of building up within EMWIS a regional water observation mechanism to monitor the indicators towards the achievements of MDG-7 on WSS in the Mediterranean as well as the implementation of the water related section of the MSSD, based on the information provided by the National Water Information Systems (NWIS), whenever they exist”.

The reports related to the 1st feasibility study phase on the development of a Mediterranean Water Observatory Mechanism are available below.

At the Athens Euromed Water Directors Conference (November 2006), the first recommendations were approved and it was decided to launch the second phase of the study, focusing on the potential development of a Mediterranean Water Information Partnership –MedWIP- with existing regional/international initiatives and complementary national studies with voluntary countries.

HTML Document Abstract conclusions of Euromed Water Directors conclusions - Athens Nov'06
PDF Report on the France diacgostic study -2006 Download
PDF Report on the Jordan diacgostic study -2006 Download
PDF Report on the Spanish Diacgostic study -2006 Download
PDF Report on the Tunisia diacgostic study -2006 Download
PDF Report on the diagnistic study at the international level -2006 Download
PDF Report phase 1- Feasibility study on a med observatory mechanism Download (2 versions)
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