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Folder MEDWIP Experts workshop - 3-4 July 2007 - Madrid (Spain)

The aim of this workshop is to review the preliminary findings of the feasibility study related to a Mediterranean Water Observatory Mechanism with key stakeholders in order to define the basic principles that will be presented to the Euromed water directors at the end of 2007. Large parts of the workshop will be dedicated to working group sessions in order to give an opportunity to all the participants to express their opinions. Participants will include institutional representatives of the 8 voluntary countries involved in the study as well as international organisations working on water data processing. The workshop will take place in Madrid, 3-4th July 2007 and will be followed by an EMWIS Steering Committee meeting on 5th July.

Specific objectives:

-    to review the needs of the various stakeholders
-    to discuss the potential  synergy with existing “think thanks” and regional organization managing water related data
-    to review the results of preliminary activities on the 6 priority topics:
o    General indicators on water supply and sanitation (MDG7)
o    Indicators related to water of the MSSD
o    Data on uses of water for agriculture
o    Data on water and sanitation services
o    Data and indicators on drought
o    Climate Change
-    To define potential horizontal (e.g. common data source catalogue, common methodologies, etc.) and vertical activities for the mechanism
-    to discuss the draft content of charter for the Mediterranean Water Information Partnership and potential funding mechanisms

Participants invited

  • National consultants involved in the 8 national diagnostic studies
  • Institutional representatives from the voluntary countries involved in the study(Cyprus, France, Jordan, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Tunisia, Spain) as well as other interested countries (Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon)
  • Relevant international organisations and initiatives (JMP, MAP-Blue Plan, MAP-Medpol, MAP-Inforac, FAO, UN-Water, European Commission, MedStat/Eurostat, EEA, IbNet, Med-EUWI, Joint Process Med-EUWI-WFD, CEDARE, WWC, ESA)
  • Institutional representatives from Med countries

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