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URL Climate Change and Sustainable Land-Water Management Course

Release date 25/10/2011
Contributor jauad
Geographical coverage United Arab Emirates,
Keywords climate change

Climate change is an urgent issue for Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The IPCC projected that most of the region is expected to become hotter and drier, with longer dry spells and higher rainfall intensity.

Executives and senior professionals in the water, agriculture and environment sectors in the Arab region are committed to building climate change resilience and need to be equipped with the latest knowledge on:

  • How climate change is affecting land and water in the Arab Region,
  • How to assess the impacts of climate change,
  • How to design and implement policy responses that are the most appropriate to their country context,
  • How to incorporate adaptation to climate change into basin management plans and agriculture, irrigation and drainage strategies,
  • How to finance climate change adaptation/mitigation measures, and
  • How to take the helm in the international climate change negotiations

Through this course, participants will explore new and integrated perspectives, tools and strategies to address these critical issues.


Please download the Course Brochure and the agenda.

Program Objectives

This program has been designed to enhance the participants’ knowledge on key concepts and impacts of climate change. The program will focus on management of climate risks and sector specific climate change adaptation measures related to land and water management. Knowledge exchange, south-south learning and development of skills will be achieved through interactive lectures, analysis of international and regional case studies, simulations and role plays.

Program Implementation

A senior intensive 5-day course which will draw largely on global and regional experiences. The learning program is structured in five modules:

Module 1: Climate Change, Variability Impact and Assessment Tools
Module 2: Building Climate Change Resilience in Land-Water Management
Module 3: Building Climate Change Resilience in Policy/Institution
Module 4: Integrating Climate Adaptation with Mitigation
Module 5: Climate Change Negotiations