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The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (the so-called Barcelona Process), launched by the Barcelona Declaration of November 1995, embraces a vast programme of collaboration in a variety of spheres – economic and financial co-operation in particular – and indicates the priority actions for developing Euro-Mediterranean co-operation.

Based on the principles of the Rome Charter (1992), a specific chapter of the Declaration is dedicated to water.  Before the Barcelona conference, two major Mediterranean water conferences were held:

  • The first Mediterranean Water Conference in Algiers in 1990.
  • A second conference in Rome on 1992-10-28/30, saw the drawing-up of the Mediterranean Charter for Water.

The turning point came at the first Euromed Foreign Ministers Conference in Barcelona on 1995-11-27&28.
The Barcelona Declaration defined three partnerships:

  • Political & security: "securing peace and stability"
  • Economic & financial: "establishing an area of shared prosperity"
  • Social, cultural & human: "promoting mutual understanding by exchanges of experiences between civil societies and the development of social and cultural cooperation"

The partners have thereby set the stage for the establishment of a Free Trade Zone by the year 2010.

The economic and financial section of the Barcelona Work Programme was divided into the following 13 chapters, including water:

  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • EuroMediterranean Free Trade Area
  • Fisheries
  • Industry
  • Investment
  • Regional planning
  • Science & technology
  • Telecommunications and information technology
  • Tourism
  • Transport
  • Water: (abstract from the Barcelona work programme, 1995)
    "The Mediterranean Water Charter was adopted in Rome in 1992. Water is a priority issue for all the Mediterranean partners and will gain in importance as water scarcity becomes more pressing. The purpose of cooperation in this area will be as follows:
    - to take stock of the situation taking into account current and future needs;
    - to identify ways of reinforcing regional cooperation;
    - to make proposals for rationalising the planning and management of water resources, where appropriate on a joint basis;
    - to contribute towards the creation of new sources of water

    Following the turning point at Barcelona, came a number of Euro-Mediterranean conferences addressing water management (see "key dates" for texts):

    •    Marseille, 1996-11-25&26. Euro-Mediterranean Conference on Water Management.   

    •    Malta 1997-04-16. 2nd Euromed Foreign Ministers Conference.

    •    Helsinki 1997-11-28. Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference on the environment.

    •    Napoli 1997-12-09&10. Euro-Mediterranean Conference of 27 General Directors of Water Management.

    •    Palermo 1998-06-03&04.  Euromed ad-hoc ministerial meeting.

    •    Stuttgart 1999-04-15&16. 3rd Euromed Foreign Ministers Conference.

    •    Torino 1999-10-18&19. Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference on Local Water management. Declaration.

    •    Marseille 2000-11-15&16.  4th Euromed Foreign Ministers Conference.

    •    Madrid  2001-11-12.  Conference of the 35 Euro-Mediterranean Water Directors.

    •    Barcelone 2005-11-27/28.  10th Anniversary Summit of the Euro-Med Partnership.

    •    Rome 2005-11-24/25.  Conference of the 35 Euro-Mediterranean Water Directors

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