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Event International Specialized Course: Operation & Control of activated sludge processes by microscopic analysis

The activated sludge process is the most commonly used biological wastewater treatment process. Activated sludge can biodegrade many organic pollutants, oxidize and remove reduced nitrogen compounds and promote the enhanced removal of phosphate from municipal and industrial wastewaters. Recent process modifications include biological nutrient removal (BNR), sequencing batch reactors (SBRs) and membrane bioreactors (MBRs).

Solid backgrounds in process engineering and microbiology are required for the diagnosis, control and resolution of common activated sludge process problems such as deterioration of settling properties, foam formation and loss of specialized organisms.

This Course, which is the 19th in this series offered by Environmental Study Center «Luigi Bazzucchi», will consist of presentations on activated sludge process modifications including BNRs, SBRs and MBRs and on the microbiology of these and other activated sludge process variations.  The course will consist of two distinct sessions:

  • I - Base Module:  one and half day of lectures on process basic principles and main strategies to overcome dysfunctions.
  • II - Specialized Module: three days of laboratory on microscopic evaluation of activated sludge for process control including a demonstration of  FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization) analysis.

The Course is designed for operators and designers of municipal and industrial biological wastewater treatment plants and researchers and graduate students studying the activated sludge process.

The Course faculty is composed of internationally recognized experts. During the laboratory session (Module II)  the Course Faculty will be assisted by tutors.

Contact information Environmental Study Center /Centro Studi Politiche Ambientali “L. Bazzucchi” (email:
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Event type Training
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Source Environmental Study Center /Centro Studi Politiche Ambientali “L. Bazzucchi”
Subject(s) SLUDGES
Geographical coverage Italy
Address Perugia, Italy
Organizer Environmental Study Center /Centro Studi Politiche Ambientali “L. Bazzucchi”
Target audience International
Period [16/06/2008 - 20/06/2008]
Status Confirmed
Working language(s) ENGLISH