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News Job VacanciesTwo Nexus Scientific Project Officers at the European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre

The two vacancies are in the WEFE-SENEGAL project and the WEFE-NEXUS project of JRC. As the science and knowledge service of the Commission, the mission of DG Joint Research Centre is to support EU policies with independent evidence throughout the whole policy cycle.

The JRC is located in five member states (Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain). Further information is available at: The vacancies are within the Directorate for Sustainable Resources mainly based in Ispra (Italy). The Directorate provides scientific knowledge for EU policies related to the sustainable use of resources, encompassing environmental, economic and social dimensions.

Position 1: Scientific Project Officer – WEFE SENEGAL Project

Coordinated by the JRC Water and Marine Resources Unit, the WEFE-SENEGAL project aims at promoting the sustainable management of Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystem (WEFE) resources in the Senegal River Basin through the adaptation of public policies. It relies upon the development of scientific and technical knowledge useful to river basin decision-makers and building dialogue between stakeholders.

The candidate will be tasked with the setting-up of the Senegal WEFE NEXUS Dialogue Platform to analyse interdependencies and synergies and identify reciprocal benefits in the integrated management of the WEFE water-using sectors. Accounting for the needs of local populations, the outcomes of the dialogues should lead to the development of policy recommendations, action plans and the identification of intervention projects at the scale of the Senegal River Basin. With her/his work, the candidate will also support the preparation of the JRC African WEFE NEXUS Flagship report in collaboration with the other JRC teams involved in WEFE NEXUS activities.

Position 2: Scientific Project Officer – WEFE NEXUS

As part of the Water and Marine Resources Unit, the candidate will contribute to the scientific component of the EC NEXUS Dialogues project that strategically steers on-going and newly established policy-dialogue approaches towards realisation of the Water, Energy, Food and Ecosystems Security Nexus (WEFE NEXUS) in developing countries.

One of the tasks will be to provide scientific and technical support to the EC NEXUS Executive Secretariat with analyses that will feed high-level political discussions on the WEFE NEXUS in the context of EC Cooperation policies. She/he will contribute to the development of River Basin Operational Plans in selected river basin case studies and use this information to support the preparation of the JRC African WEFE NEXUS Flagship report in collaboration with the other JRC teams involved in WEFE NEXUS activities. She/he will also coordinate and prepare an EC NEXUS policy paper based on existing scientific-technical experiences of national and international institutions in the WEFE NEXUS field.


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