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Released 02/05/2007

The following Issue Briefs and Research Reports can also be read now:

  • Issue Brief 8 "Integrating livestock and water management to maximize benefits" (PDF 824 KB)
  • Issue Brief 9 "Sustaining inland fisheries: Synergies and tradeoffs with water for agriculture" (PDF 680 KB)
  • Issue Brief 10 "Managing water by managing land: Why addressing land degradation is necessary to improve water productivity and rural livelihoods" (PDF 657 KB)


Research Report 16, 2006, Planning and Managing Water Resources at the River-Basin Level: Emergence and Evolution of a Concept. Molle, F.


Research Report 13, 2006, Intensifying Agricultural Sustainability: An Analysis of Impacts and Drivers in the Development of 'Bright Spots'. Noble, A. D., D. A. Bossio, F. W. T. Penning de Vries, J. Pretty and T. M. Thiyagarajan

Book: The Agricultural Groundwater Revolution: Opportunities and Threats to Development Editors: M Giordano and KG Vilholth, January 2007. Series Editor: David Molden, Volume 3, CABI Publication, Wallingford UK and Cambridge MA USA. ISBN: 9781845931728 Order from CABI Publishing.