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HTML Document Rainwater Harvesting & Climate Change

Released 21/02/2008

"Rainwater Harvesting and Climate Change was one of the most popular topics in the conference and the papers presented in this session are published in this issue of Raindrop.

The contribution of urban water systems to Greenhouse Gas emission is discussed in the article of Flower et al "Urban Water Systems: Driver of Climate Change?"

Salas' paper on "Rainwater Harvesting: A Community's Technology for Coping with Climate Change" advocates for a broader coping strategy framework in search of a technology which could help communities adapt to the exigencies of climate change.

Coombes and Barry made a preliminary analysis to compare the relative efficiencies of traditional centralised water supply strategies with decentralised rainwater harvesting approaches in their paper, "Efficiency of Roof and Traditional Water Supply Catchments Subject to Climate Change"

Mithraratne and Vale used detailed life-cycle analysis to answer the question in the title of their paper, "Rain Tanks or Reticulated Water Supply?" in looking for the most sustainable option.

"Climate Neutral Water Savings Scheme," Blunt and Holt, explores the consequences of alternative water sources and their interaction with greenhouse gas emissions. A methodology, is presented for climate neutral water recycling. The methodology is developed for local government and is also applicable for a range of decision makers.

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