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News appel-aux-resumes-pour-les-journees-internationales-des-etudes-sur-l-eau-ji2e Item only translated in French
News l-algerie-veut-developper-l-hydraulique-agricole Item only translated in French
News tunisie-acquisition-d-equipement-de-collecte-de-donnees-sur-le-littoral-pour-l Item only translated in French
News france-presentation-de-la-nouvelle-station-d-epuration-de-la-commune-de-vence Item only translated in French
News appel-aux-resumes-pour-la-conference-internationale-sur-la-gestion-integree-des Item only translated in French
News seminaire-sur-la-gestion-integree-des-ressources-en-eau-gire-au-niveau-des-pays Item only translated in French
News france-droit-l-eau-pour-tous-un-nouveau-dispositif-d-aide-au-paiement-des Item only translated in French [1 comment(s)]
News france-lancement-d-une-plateforme-d-echanges-sur-le-suivi-des-services-de-l-eau Item only translated in French
News resolution-du-parlement-europeen-du-18-janvier-2011-sur-la-reconnaissance-de-l Item only translated in French
News la-banque-mondiale-mise-sur-l-open-data-pour-doper-l-innovation Item only translated in French
News A new Strategic Foresight Group report, The Blue Peace: Rethinking Middle East Water [3 comment(s)]
News Call for GWP SC nominations 2011
News Call for abstracts : "The Management of the Guarani Aquifer System: An Example of Cooperation"
News Call for abstracts for the 4th International Congress on Energy and Environment Engineering and Management
News EP Intergroup Water/ Report on February session with Commissioner HAHN on "Water and Regional Development"
News Egypt Water Report
News FP7 projects database: Another 46 projects added or updated
News Greece joins cascade towards global water treaty
News Iraq: Drinking water project for Amedi of $90 million
News Israel: Cabinet Approves Emergency Plan to Increase the Production of Desalinated Water
News Israel: Desalination plants part of Palestine agreement
News Jordan: Lack of rain calls for emergency water plan
News Jordan: Mohamed Jamil Moussa Najjar, maintained as minister of Water and Irrigation in the new government
News Jordan: Seawater greenhouse plan
News New European centre in earth observation
News OPIC Issues Call for Proposals
News Palestine: The AECI grants a subsidy to undertake the second project in the Palestinian Territories on wastewater reuse and treatment
News Post-doc IWMI Middle-East Irrigation in Syria: Systemic Analysis of Irrigation Systems
News Progress in joint efforts to depollute the Mediterranean by year 2020
News Publication: Water, a link to the Mediterranean identity
News Request for Proposals (RFP): Consulting services for the support of 2 technical working groups
News Risk Analysis of Water Pollution
News TWAS Prizes 2011
News The Journal of Flood Risk Management: A new professional online journal available by subscription in 2011
News The Socio-Economics of Desertification, Land Degradation and Drought DLDD
News The Strategic Foresight Group: report proposes master plan for water for peace [2 comment(s)]
News The Water Footprint Assessment Manual - review copies available shortly
News The public must be engaged
News Turkey, Syria Lay Foundation Stone Of 'Friendship Dam'
News UNESCO-IHE: Vacancy Lecturer in Environmetal Policy
News Water security depends on forests and wetlands
News Women at the Center of Climate-friendly Approaches to Agriculture and Water – New IATP Paper
News المياه العربية العابرة الحدود
News هل يضطر لبنان الى تحلية مياه البحر؟
4th Mediterranean Water Forum