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News Climate and Energy Online Hub - The Environment Nexus
Document Green Economy in the Arab Region: Overall Concept and Available Options
URL L'eau et l'énergie simplement en direct
URL THE WATER-ENERGY NEXUS: Adding Water to the Energy Agenda
Document The Bioenergy and water nexus (UNEP, 2011)
URL The Energy–Water Nexus: Managing the Links between Energy and Water for a Sustainable Future: Karen Hussey and Jamie Pittock
Document The Water-Energy-Food Nexus A new approach in support of food security and sustainable agriculture Food
URL Thirsty Energy: Securing Energy in a Water-Constrained World
URL Water for Cities and the Water-Energy Nexus: A Different Look at Water
URL Water-Energy Nexus: A SWOT Analysis; Bryan W. Karney
Pointer Workshop: 'Can implementation of the Water Nexus support economic growth in the Mediterranean region?', Ankara (Turkey), 12-13 February 2015