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Regional Euro-Mediterranean Programme for the Environment - Regional Management and Support Project


This agreement was signed in Rome, Italy, on 30 June 2005. This RMSU is led by the APAT-SYKE consortium.

The RMSU works closely with beneficiaries of SMAP and other EC funding schemes, including “MEDA” bilateral co-operation and “LIFE Third Countries”. It can also help other environment stakeholders to improve their ability to obtain financial resources, in the interest of environmental protection and sustainable development in the Mediterranean region.

5th Mediterranean Water Forum


File RMSU-EMWIS agreement (English), 2005-06-30
URL Regional Euro-Mediterranean Programme for the Environment (SMAP) Clearing House: An Internet Portal to navigate the Mediterranean "Sea" of Information on the Environment The Clearing House aims at providing the SMAP Community with a tool for capturing, for each SMAP priority area, the current situation in terms of:

  • Environmental Projects Development
  • Environmental Information at national and regional level
  • Trends and Directions at stake for Environmental Management:
                        - Policies and Strategies
                        - Approaches and Methodologies
                        - Instruments and Practices
Pointer SMAP This programme comes under the main SMAP initiative