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Folder News for 2009/08

News 17th Session of the UN CSD: WWAP session on ‘Water in a Changing World: Findings of the new World Water Development Report’
News AMCOW AfricaSan Awards Announcement
News Announcement of new GWP TEC Chair
News Appel à communications : Estuaires, fleuves et cours d’eau. Représentations et pratiques (Rouen, 5-6 mai 2010)
News Award of the certificate of Diplomat, Water Resources Engineer (D WRE) to Dr. Fadi Georges Comair, General Director of Hydraulic and Electrical Resources at the Lebanese Ministry of Energy and Water
News Call for abstracts for the 4th International Conference on Water Resources and Arid Environments (ICWRAE)
News Call for papers for the International Conference on Energy, Environment and Water Desalination
News EIB lends CZK 3 billion for upgrading water supply and waste water infrastructure in the Czech Republic
News EIB supports with EUR 25 million water quality improvements in Cluj and Sălaj Counties in Romania
News ESA and EUMETSAT Signed a GMES Framework Agreement
News Egypt: 40 per cent drink unsafe water
News Egypte: Des eaux usées plus propres que le Nil
News FP7-Africa-2010 Africa Call
News FP7-ENV-2010 Environment (including climate change) Call
News France : (Adoption des Sdage : comment intégrer « l’effet Grenelle » et le « Plan national santé environnement 2 »)
News France : Vers la création d’un service public de gestion des eaux pluviales urbaines
News France: Quatre candidats retenus pour la bataille de l’eau en Ile-de-France
News France: « SISE-Eaux version 3.0 – Echanges » - Le traitement des données du contrôle sanitaire des eaux d’alimentation par les directions départementales des affaires sanitaires et sociales
News Freshwater Stewardship Globalised
News G8 Summit in Aquila commits to risk reduction
News IFM Training: Training Workshop on Integrated Flood Management for Countries in Western Asia and the Arab Region
News IISD's Global Search for President & Chief Executive Officer
News IWRM-Net: a developing community to face challenging water issues
News Increasing Scarcity of Clean Water is a Global Challenge
News Indian sanitation innovator and social reformer receives Stockholm Water Prize
News Israel: Finance secured for Palmachim desalination expansion
News Israelis restrict Palestinians’ water supply
News L'Algérie et la Syrie pour un échange d'expériences dans le secteur de l'hydraulique
News La Catalogne mise sur le dessalement pour son eau potable
News La gestion des ressources en eau au Maroc et en Egypte au centre d’un débat à Kénitra
News Lebanon: Reduced rain window threatens water crunch
News Liban : Les réserves d’eau menacées
News Liban : Une nouvelle centrale de traitement des eaux usées dans la Bekaa
News L’Italie approuve le financement de 12 projets au Liban pour plus de 7 millions d’euros
News Maroc : quand l'oasis reverdit
News Master of Science in Environmental Technology and Management
News Morocco: Addressing water scarcity
News NEREIDES presents a new detector of floating hydrocarbons in the water
News New call for proposals: Environment, sustainable management of Natural resources, including energy (EuropeAid/128320/C/ACT/Multi)
News New publication: European Research Framework Programme - Research on Climate Change
News PCCP creating database of experts and institutions related to transboundary water issues
News Position with Water Advocates: Director of Global Water, Health and Schools
News Post-doc offer in social science for a research on the sources of the European Water Framework Directive
News Preannouncement of the ERA-Net IWRM-Net 2d joint Call for research proposals
News Privatization revisited: lessons from private sector participation in water supply and sanitation in developing countries
News Programme Manager Advocacy & Communications (P5), WSSCC, Switzerland [deadline 10 Sep 2009]
News Programme Officer (Grants Management) No. 2 (P3), WSSCC, Switzerland [deadline 18 Sep 2009]
News Programme Officer (Grants Management) No. 3 (P3), WSSCC, Switzerland [deadline 18 Sep 2009]
News Renewal of the Union for the Mediterranean
News SYKE: New association in Finland promotes international water projects
News SimHydro 2010: Hydraulic modeling and uncertainty
News Technical Officer, Networking & Knowledge Management (P2 Level), WSSCC, Switzerland [deadline 11 Sep 2009]
News The 17th Nile Council of Ministers in charge of water reaffirmed Basin-wide cooperation
News The 2009 Arab Human Development Report - whose security counts?
News UNESCO holds a meeting on sanitation and the right to water
News UNESCO-IHE holds Information Meeting on Water Education
News UNESCO-IHE: Two Lecturers in Environmental Science (f/m) – 1 fte
News Un nouveau label pour des eaux de baignade propres
News Un portail documentaire sur l'eau ouvert à tous
News WWF: Water as a Globalised Resource
News Water on Earth and in space - the ESA/UNICEF water quiz