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Project Beytahtı Drinking Water Project

Funded by the EU, the Beytahtı Project has enabled Erzincan Municipality to renew 1/6 of its drinking water network. The renewed network provides inhabitants with healthy and safe drinking water, as well as preventing water loss. With the completion of the EU-funded Cansuyu Project, initiated directly after the Beytahtı project, Erzincan will not face water problems in the next 50 years.

Under the Pre-Accession Financial Cooperation programme of the EU, Regional Development Programmes, coordinated by the State Planning Organisation, support economic development in order to enhance economic and social harmonisation in 12 priority regions. The 52.33 million Euros SKE (Samsun, Kastamonu, Erzurum) NUTS II Regional Development Programme, which was supported in 2003 programming year, is one of these programmes. The implementation of local development initiatives, grant plans for SMEs and small scale infrastructure grant plans have been completed in the provinces covered by the programme, namely Samsun (Amasya, Çorum, Samsun, Tokat), Kastamonu (Çankırı, Kastomonu, Sinop) and Erzurum (Erzurum, Erzincan, Bayburt).

The Beytahtı project in Erzincan Municipality is one of the successful projects implemented under the small scale infrastructure grant component. Amongst 1,100 projects submitted by 10 provinces in the SKE regions, the Beytahtı project ranks in the top 10 in terms of financial scope and in the top 5 in terms of grading.

The project focuses on key objectives such as eliminating regional disparities protecting public health and safety, harmonising economic and social policies, increasing living standards and addressing urban problems. To this end, maintaining economic efficiency and strengthening municipal institutional structures and regional practices in order to provide sustainable regional development form the main priorities of the project.


Project number n/a
Acronym Beytahti
Geographical coverage Turkey
Budget (in €) 1198936
Programme SKE NUTS II Regional Development Programme
Web site,Programprojemerge.html?Mode=4&Pid=57&LanguageID=2
Objectives The aim of the Beytahtı drinking water project, which takes its name from the water network that supplies water to most parts of the city, is to provide healthy water with minimal administrative costs to the people living in the 325 hectare area at the upper part of the network. In this context, a drinking water network line, that will be resistant to potential earthquakes taking place in the region and will be sufficient for the population until 2037, was built. The healthy drinking water supplied to the people living in the area will increase their quality of life and contribute to minimising the risks of water-related infections.
Results The first stage of the Beytahtı project saw the renewal of 1/6 (approximately 17%) of the drinking water network and has initiated a new project that will renew the remaining middle and lower parts of the network. The EU-funded, 45.5 million Euros, Cansuyu project is going to commence in 2009 and the same process will be implemented for the rest of the network. As a result of this new project, due to be completed by 2025, water problems in Erzincan are expected to be prevented for the next 50 years.
Period [01/05/2006 - 30/10/2007]