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Project Sustainable Water management Improves Tomorrow’s Cities’ Health

- Context With increasing global change pressures, and due to existing limitations, and un-sustainability factors and risksof conventional urban water management (UWM), cities experience difficulties in efficiently managing the ever scarcerwater resources, their uses/services, and their after-use disposal, without creating environmental, social and/or economic damage.
- In order to meet these challenges, SWITCH calls for a paradigm shift in UWM. There is a need to convert adhocactions (problem/incident driven) into a coherent and consolidated approach (sustainability driven). This calls for an IP Approach Research concept.

Project number SUSTDEV-2004-3.II.3.2.1
Acronym SWITCH
Geographical coverage Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, China, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Egypt
Budget (in €) 25191396
Programme INCO MED (FP6)
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Objectives SWITCH therefore proposes an action research project which has as a main objective:

- “The development, application and demonstration of a range of tested scientific, technological and socio-economic solutions and approaches that contribute to the achievement of sustainable and effective UWM schemes in ‘The City of the future’”.

The project will be implemented by different combinations of consortium partners, along the lines of seven complementary and interactive themes. The research approach is innovative for the combination of:
• action research: address problems through innovation based upon involvement of users.
• learning alliances: to link up stakeholders to interact productively and to create win-win solutions along the water chain;
• multiple-way learning: European cities learn from each other and from developing countries, and vice versa.
• multiple-level or integrated approach: to consider the urban water system and its components (city level) in relation to its impacts on, and dependency of, the natural environment in the river basin (river basin level), and in relation to Global Change pressures (global level).

Period [01/01/2006 - 01/05/2010]


  • UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education
    Coordinator acts as project coordinator
    Address NL-2601DA Delft
    Country Netherlands
    Contact Mr. Huub Gijzen,
    Position: Project coordinator
    Phone/fax: ,

Funding sources

  • European Commission
    Source EC INCO MED
    Programme INCO MED
    Funding rate 60


  • SWITCH project 1st newsletter
    This first edition serves as an introduction to SWITCH and it is therefore anticipated that subsequent issues will be significantly shorter. SWITCHED ON! will keep you up to date on what have been the recent highlights and achievements of the SWITCH project, the key events, and any publications and products which may be of interest. The contact address for the newsletter is
    Publisher SWITCH newsletter
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    Source of information SWITCH project
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