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Project Water supply watershed planning and management: an integrated approach

The WADI project will focus on the development of tools and methodologies that can used to assist decision making in watershed management boards and water planning authorities having to determine where to locate new reservoirs.

 The tools and methodologies will address the various elements related to reservoir identification  given the watershed characteristics (water demand requirements, water resources,  etc) in an integrated manner that considers socio-economic issues as well as environmental aspects related to flood and drought risks.

In addition, WADI will develop advanced data processing tools for modelling and simulation related to floods, reservoir design, and optimisation of the complete planned network of a watershed. Field applications will be performed on pilot basins in Morocco and Tunisia.

Project number ICA3-CT-1999-30016
Subject(s) no translation available
Acronym WADI
Geographical coverage Egypt, Italy, Malta, Morocco, Tunisia, Spain, France
Budget (in €) 1489042
Programme INCO MED (FP6)
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-The strategic objectives of the project are:

-To enhance the reasonable and sustainable use fresh water resources in the Mediterranean coastal sectors.
-To identify the conflicts of use among the skateholders resulting from an inaccurate management of the water bodies and constraints from with the sites chosen in the study, through the Mediterranean coastal sectors, which suffer from the shortage of water.

-To assess and estimate the impacts of various water uses as well as nearby human activities on coastal water bodies, such as fluvial systems, estuaries, marshlands and lagoons.

-To produce interdisciplinary scientific inputs for improved participatory water management strategies and related planning regimes for a rational use of water resources, taking into consideration the sutainable development constraints at the local level, without losing sight of other broader scales. (national, regional and international)

-To develop and propose alternative management strategies and plans for the selected sites as well as general guidelines for appropriate and sustainable management of water resources in Mediterranean coastal areas.
-To establish a network of scientists, authorities and local communities within the Mediterranean, to enhance local awareness on water quality, use and misuse.

The project will contribute to increase local competence for a sustainable use of the water bodies, to reduce existing conflicts for uses of water between the various skateholders.

The project will make a comparison of the various cases studied above the Mediterranean coastal sectors, on the Scandinavian and southernmost sides, in the international co-operation, in collaboration with the governmental and local agents of the various Mediterranean countries.

 The data bases on a broad geographical scale and the scale of time would increase the power of the plans of management and would help the agents to apply with the financial assistance at the national and international levels.

The project will contribute to identify the various agents in various case studies and their various forms of contribution to allow a plan of management according to various physical environments, socio-economic and cultural.

 The specific role of the women as users of water will be a principal focus and a particular attention will be lent to their participation in the local diffusion of the results.

 The material of diffusion will be produced to give messages easy to include about the importance of the resource of water and its conservation.
Period [01/01/2001 - 31/12/2004]


    Coordinator acts as project coordinator
    Country France
    Contact Mr LE DANTEC Bruno,
    Phone/fax: +33-49-2385013 , +33-49-2385011
    Direction Planification et Developpement
    Country Morocco
    Web site
    Contact Mr. Ahmed Hajji,
    Phone/fax: 212 7 77 54 03, 212 7 77 54 08
  • University of Istanbul
    Faculty of Pharmacy, Universite-Beyazit, Department of Analytical Chemistry
    Country Turkey
    Contact Mr. Sedat Imre,
    Phone/fax: +90-212-52 62 909, +90-212-51 90 812
  • Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Tunis
    Country Tunisia
    Contact Mr. Mohamed Safi ,
    Phone/fax: +216-1-514 700, +216-1-872 279

Funding sources

  • European Commission
    Source EC INCO MED
    Programme INCO MED
    Funding rate 100