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Project Development of an Integrated Monitoring and Early Warning System to sustain the Quality and Multifunctionality of Surface Water

The excessive consumption of water in Cyprus puts surface water in critical situation, it would be necessary to reduce this consumption, the taking away of water of the ground water are polluted and causes negative impacts on ecosystems and human health.

In order, to control the quantity of water and its storage, of the stoppings were built on the island; the monitoring of water in these stoppings is essential in order to identify ans solve the problems.One would include there research, the technical assessement, the evaluation and management.

There is a need for establishing the bond between the search and the creation for policy identified like a priority exit, the project seeks to supervise a range of chemical and biological parameters, wich will be aggregate in a sytem of indexing and evaluation facilitating the integration of the results in the process laying down the policy, envisaging future development.

Project number LIFE95 TCY/CY/0868
Geographical coverage Cyprus
Budget (in €) 581939
Programme LIFE
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The objective of the project is to develop a monitoring sytem integrated a such instrument of management to support quality and the multi-functionality of surface water in the stoppings with Cyprus. It should allow an integrated evaluation of surface water quality , like source of provisionning water and irrigation.One also seeks to identify the principal causes of pollution.

Moreover,research of project makes it possible to develop indices of quality to evaluate pollution like their effect on the ecosystem; then to develop the possibilities for a determining toxicity (acute, chronic, genotoxic, for virus control), while modelling and by evaluating the risks of the chemicals. The last objective will be carried out by the development of methodologies of evaluation of the risks

Period [01/03/1996 - 30/04/2000]


  • State General Laboratory, Ministry of Health

    Coordinator acts as project coordinator
    Country Cyprus
    Contact Ms. CANNA-MICHAELIDOU Stella,
    Position: Manager
    Phone/fax: ,

Funding sources

  • European Commission
    Source EC LIFE
    Programme LIFE
    Funding rate 47