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Improvement of irrigation water management inLebanon and Jordan

Startingdate: 2003/06/01 - Duration(months): 48


The project was set up to tackle irrigation water management problems inLebanon and Jordan. Water management concerns the entire Mediterraneanbasin, and is a major preoccupation of the two countries covered by theproject, particulary in agricultural areas.

The IrWA project is particularly active in the Jordan Valley in Jordan andthe Litani River basin in the Bekaa Valley, north of Qaraoun Lakein inLebanon. In Jordan, the emphasis is on water quality and inappropriatefiltering and irrigation systems, and in Lebanon, the lack of management ofthe Litani riverbed. In both places, there is a lack of water-savingmentality in irrigation.

The project intends to orient local authorities to a more rational use ofwater and to provide them with examples for solving water problems. 

Key objectives

  • Rehabilitation of part of the Litani River
  • Increased availability of lands for cultivation, through flood protection and control
  • Better irrigation efficiency in the central and southern parts of the Jordan River Valley
  • Increased water stocking facilities at farm level
  • Improved awareness on water management issues
  • Greater technical know-how for farmers
  • Strengthened regional cooperation on agricultural water issues.


Partners Countries Contacts
ICU - Istituto per la Cooperazione Universitaria
(Project coordinator) - web
IT Mr. Aldo Bonsignore
CESAL - web ES Mr. Pablo Llano
NCARTT - National Center for Agricultural Research and Technology Transfer - web JO Dr. Abdel Nabi Fardous
Litani River Authority LB Dr. Kamal Karaa

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