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The Mediterranean Water scarcity and drought WG (MED-EUWI Water scarcity and drought WG) is one of the three thematic groups launched for the Phase I (2004-2006) in the framework of the Mediterranean Joint Process between the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) and the Mediterranean Component of the EU Water Initiative.

This group is strongly interfaced with the Drafting Group set up by the EU Water Directors in the Framework of the 2005-2006 work programme of the Common Implementation Strategy (CIS). In order to merge the efforts and share experiences between EU and non EU water experts, the CIS drafting group (see activity sheet of the EU group and report below) includes two representatives of the Mediterranean working group.

A first Mediterranean report on Water Scarcity and Drought) has been prepared as a result of the first phase (see below). It includes technical specifications and specific recommendations for the Mediterranean, based on the WFD approach and the experience of the EU and non-EU countries of the region as well as the regional and international organisations.

At the Euromed water directors meeting held in Athens in November 2006, it was decided to include this theme for the second phase of the Med Joint Process (see JP phase II mandate below).

The overall objective of the Med WG is to share information on definitions and possible actions in order to react on scarcity issues.  For the 2nd phase, the objective is to have an overview of the magnitude of the problem of water scarcity and droughts in the Mediterranean, particularly an assessment of their impacts, and exchange information on possible alternatives of water use that contribute to its saving and could be applied by different types of users.

Contact persons :  

MENBO María Serneguet

Eric Mino
Jauad El Kharraz
Morocco Siham LARAICHI

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