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For many years, EU-INCO research projects have been funded through calls for proposals made by the EC Research Framework Programmes (FP). INCO FP4 (1994-1998), INCO FP5 (1998-2002) INCO FP6 (2002-2006) provide examples of the respective programmes and their achievements.  FP7 (2007-2013), which is currently under preparation, will cover major areas for international cooperation.

Since FP6, and in addition to the specific EU-INCO call for proposals, funding has been made available for international participation on all thematic research priorities that address European and/or global issues, including water research. Moreover, several Mediterranean partner countries have now signed agreements with the European Union, including the following two agreements as of January 2006: RTD association agreement with Israel, and S&T cooperation agreements with Egypt Morocco and Tunisia.

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