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The Euro-Mediterranean Regional Water Programme for Local Water Management (MEDA-WATER) aims to enhance regional cooperation in the sustainable and integrated management of water resources. For more details, see the Ministerial Declaration and Action Plan of the 1999  Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Meeting in Turin on Local Water Management. The priority issues identified therein include six identified areas of action and four horizontal themes as follows:

Areas of Action

  • Integrated management of local drinking water supply, sanitation and sewage
  • Local water resources and water demand management (quantity and quality) within catchment areas and islands
  • Prevention and mitigation of the negative effects of drought and equitable management of water scarcity
  • Irrigation water management
  • Use of non-conventional water resources
  • Preparation of national and local scenarios for the period until 2025, to enable precise objectives to be set and actions to be taken for sustainable water management.

Horizontal Themes
  • Strengthening institutional capacities and training
  • Exchange of information and know-how
  • Transfer of know-how and technology
  • Awareness-raising, mobilisation and promotion of commitment of the population.

5th Mediterranean Water Forum